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Are you looking for a low maintenance driveway  that does not require any more weeding? We have installed hundreds of pressed concrete or imprinted concrete driveways in Darlington and the surrounding areas. With such a huge range of patterns, colours and with such little effort needed to maintain – concrete imprint driveways are here to stay.

At Bespoke Building & Paving we have become masters at installing pattern imprinted concrete in Darlington through hard work, attention to detail and a wealth of experience and knowledge. All of our pattern concrete drives are guaranteed and carried out to the highest possible standard. We focus on either following your design or helping you to create something bespoke and installing beautiful concrete imprint driveways exactly as planned, first time – every time.

Rustic Sandstone Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway Darlington

There are various factors to consider when deciding on whether imprinted concrete is the best option for you. You can rest assure that choosing us comes with peace of mind and that all of your needs will be catered for and requirements and preferences dealt with professionally with careful planning and preparation.

We have a portfolio of past pattern imprinted concrete work in Darlington and design ideas upon request from more projects to help you decide if you are struggling for ideas and inspiration.

Feel free to call the Darlington driveway experts on 01325 624625 for any advice whether it be regarding a concrete drive or patio area.

Imprinted Concrete Patterns

As the name suggests concrete can be printed with a huge range of patterns.

These are split into four categories;

  • Cobble Patterns
  • Brick & Tile Patterns
  • Slate Patterns
  • Decorative & Feature Patterns

It is possible to combine a number of different patterns to design a completely unique driveway or patio.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Colours

There are a huge range of colours available for pattern imprinted concrete driveways, which are all available in either a matt or a gloss ‘wet look’ finish.  You can find below some of the most colours.

It is also possible to choose a different coloured border if you so require.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway Maintenance

Low maintenance is probably the main reason that homeowners choose this type of driveway. However do not be fooled by companies claiming that pattern imprinted concrete driveways are maintenance free, if a pattern imprinted concrete driveway is neglected it can become very unsightly and expensive to remedy. The number one problem homeowners come across when living with a pattern imprinted concrete driveway is sealant issues, all driveways must be sealed and all sealants deteriorate and need reapplying. We recommend resealing your pattern imprinted concrete driveway every 3 years but each driveway is different depending on location, vehicular traffic and quality of sealant – if you notice your driveway is starting to deteriorate act quickly.

Unfortunately neglecting to reapply the sealant is not the main issue regarding sealant problems with pattern imprinted concrete. Most contractors will seal the driveway too soon after installing it not allowing sufficient curing time, this can result in white patches and imperfections in colour.

Sandstone Pattern Imprinted Concrete Darlington

However as long as the pattern imprinted concrete driveway has been installed correctly and sealed within the correct time frame with a high quality sealant this will be one of the lowest maintenance driveway options available which has already stood the test of time – as mentioned earlier be very careful when choosing a pattern imprinted concrete contractor.

How are Imprinted Concrete Driveways Prepared?

If you are thinking about buying a new printed concrete driveway in Darlington or the surrounding areas there are a number of factors to consider before installation, mainly drainage issues. Pattern imprinted concrete is non permeable which means that water cannot pass through the concrete. Imprinted concrete driveways usually require a line drainage channel so that there is not any standing water on top of the finished driveway.

Pattern imprinted concrete, unlike some other methods of paving, requires a full dig out. All of the existing ground must be broken and dug out to reveal the earth. Pattern imprinted concrete cannot be installed on top of a current surface. Digging out is time consuming and labour intensive but the process can often be accelerated by using a mini digger and a concrete breaker if there is suitable access for such machinery. However patio areas often do not allow sufficient access so must be dug out by hand which does increase installation time.

During the Preperaton of Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway

Once the area has been dug out to the sufficient depth which is usually 200mm deep the formwork must now be installed. The formwork is used to retain the wet concrete in the desired shape until the concrete sets. At this point the drainage channels should be installed and plumbed into a soak-away and adequate ‘falls’ or gradients must be calculated towards these channels to ensure that there is not any standing water on the driveway.

Now that the preparation work has been completed a sub-base must be installed before pouring the concrete. The best sub-base for imprinted concrete is Type 1 MOT which provides a strong and stable base for the concrete to be poured on top of.

How are Concrete Imprint Driveways Installed?

The driveway is now ready for the next stage which is to pour the wet concrete. This part of the job is absolutely crucial as any mistakes are virtually impossible to rectify and there is only a limited time to work with so careful planning really is important.

The ready mixed concrete will be spread evenly across the driveway. Once full coverage has been achieved the concrete must be worked using a variety of magnesium floats which will eventually create a flat, wet and smooth surface to work with.

Whilst the concrete is curing or setting a powdered colour hardener is thrown all over the driveway and a float is used to ensure that each area of concrete is fully coloured. At this stage the imprinting of the pattern begins a ‘release agent’ is thrown all over the driveway and the printing mats this serves two purposes – to stop the colour sticking and lifting from the printing mats and to create a two tone effect.

Rustic Sandstone Imprinted Concrete Driveway Darlington

The team must now use rigid mats that interlink together to form a pattern all over the driveway. Using a heavy stamping tool the mats will be pressed into the concrete to create an imprinted pattern. Any areas that have not been printed properly must be touched up by hand.

The release agent will be washed off to reveal the true colour which will change in time. Once the pattern imprinted concrete driveway has had sufficient time to dry out and cure it must now be protected by a sealant. Sealants also serves two purposes – to protect the colouring and to show the true colour of the driveway, this can be either a gloss ‘wet look’ or matt finish depending on personal taste.

Look At This Imprinted Concrete Driveway in Darlington

Is a Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveway For You?

We believe that a pattern imprinted concrete driveway is a safe option for the vast majority of homeowners. However there are a few factors that should be considered first.

The main factor to consider about whether a pattern imprinted concrete driveway is the right choice for you, apart from whether you like the appearance of them, for most is cost. If the ground is already made up of a suitable solid base mentioned earlier then it may be worth considering a resin bound driveway as they are still very low maintenance and more cost effective than pattern imprinted concrete.

However if a suitable base needs to be installed this can dramatically amplify the overall cost as it is essentially two separate jobs. A professionally installed concrete driveway is a substantial cost in itself, without adding the additional cost of a resin bound driveway. This can be a deciding factor for some homeowners with budget in mind, if this applies to yourself but low maintenance is essential then we strongly recommend considering a pattern imprinted concrete driveway.

View our past pattern imprinted concrete work here.

Imprinted Concrete Driveway Darlington

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