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Patio Installers in Darlington

Are you looking for a new Patio in Darlington?

With such a huge range of patio paving available on the market now it can be difficult to decide which will suit your needs best.

Some of the most popular choices of Patio paving in Darlington are:

Indian Sandstone Patios

Flagstone Patios

Resin Patios

Imprinted Concrete Patios

Indian Sandstone Patio Darlington

Obviously the aesthetics or how the patio looks is a huge deciding factor when it comes to re-designing your garden.

However it is also extremely important to ensure that the patio meets your requirements.

Low maintenance, non-slip, high durability, drainage and/or complying with conservation area rules and restrictions are all things that should be taken into account.

You can find more information about each style of patio below:

Indian Sandstone Patios in Darlington

A popular option for a wide range of homeowners, Indian sandstone is a type of natural stone that is quarried in India and shipped across the world to Darlington.

Like most things in life there are varying grades and qualities of Indian sandstone patio paving in Darlington. Depending on which region of India the stone has been quarried affects the finished product massively.

Some regions in India have very soft sandstone which is much easier to quarry and can be produced at a cheap cost. Soft sandstone is also easier to work with for inexperienced installers as it is easier to cut. This is the type of sandstone that is very easy to find online.

Indian Sandstone Patio in Darlington

However we strongly recommend that you do not use it as it is very prone to algae a green slimy plant that will tarnish the overall look of your patio very quickly.

We suggest using a much harder sandstone which is less prone to algae, thicker in depth and more difficult to cut and to work with.

Although this may sound counter productive paying more money for the materials and more money for a skilled installation the patio will look more impressive for a far longer period of time. Skimping really is false economy in the case you get what you pay for with Indian sandstone patio areas.

Indian sandstone is one of the many forms of natural stone paving others include; slate, granite, marble and porcelain which can all create a very impressive garden patio.

Flagstone Patios in Darlington

Flagstone patios in Darlington can be a multitude of different types of materials. Natural stone paving can be a form of flagstone paving however most installers and suppliers will usually think of concrete flagstones when this term is used.

Concrete flagstones again can vary in price, quality, thickness and appearance.

From 'bog standard' utility flagstones to coloured concrete slabs or flags to textured natural stone lookalike products.

These concrete flagstones are usually machine-made in the UK from sand and cement, manufactured in bulk and shipped across the country.

Flagstone Patio in Darlington

As you can imagine using a mass produced product can be a cheaper option than using sought after natural materials. If installed correctly some of the flagstones can look great or simply fit for purpose depending on the chosen flagstone.

However if you would like something a bit more unique, lower maintenance or a bit of extra wow-factor we would suggest looking at some of the other options available.

Resin Patios in Darlington

Resin patios in Darlington have become more popular in recent years. You may have noticed the number of resin driveways are on the increase as these are visible from the roadside. Obviously most patios are not but it is a similar story at the back of the house as it is the front.

Not only do resin bound patios in Darlington look incredibly neat and sharp they are extremely low maintenance as well as slip resistant if installed to the correct standard. Living the busy life that most of us do, fewer people have time to spend weeding their paving. This either leads to losing precious time maintaining the patio area or more often it falling into a state of neglect.

Resin Patio in Darlington

There are a huge range of colours available for resin patio areas in Darlington with different edging options from hard paving, wooden sleepers or simply a contrasting coloured resin.

Another point to make is that flexible aluminium trims can be formed to create any shape or pattern with your new patio so this really does open up a lot of opportunities to make the patio one of a kind.

The only downside to using resin for patio areas is that resin bound paving must be laid on a solid base of either concrete or tarmac. Some lucky homeowners have already got a suitable base that can be repaired and utilised, saving on installation costs. However if a new base needs to be constructed this can quite often be an expensive option.

Imprinted Concrete Patios in Darlington

Pattern imprinted concrete patios in Darlington are another popular choice as they are also very low maintenance and boast a huge range of design possibilities such as custom colours, patterns and a choice of gloss, satin or matt finishes.

This method is carried out by colouring and imprinted a pattern into wet concrete to give the illusion of either natural paving, cobbles, block paving and even wooden decking. Like most other forms of paving this really is a form of art and when installed professionally can look incredible with the added bonus of no weed growth unlike some of the other methods.

Rotating Ashlar Imprinted Concrete

Imprinted concrete has been used in the United States and South America for over 50 years and has stood the test of time. The only difference now is that technology has allowed for a lot more design possibilities and durability.

For most homeowners wanting to create a stunning patio area which is also low maintenance and not wanting to pay for extremely expensive natural paving or additional concrete bases this is a great option.

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