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Are you looking for block paving in Darlington? In past years driveways were either constructed from concrete or tarmac until concrete block paving driveways became popular in the 1980s. Fast forward over 30 years and block paving in Darlington is still a popular choice for homeowners wanting to either make an area look more presentable, create extra parking spaces or seating areas.

Block paving in Darlington has become slightly less popular than it once was due to other methods such as pattern imprinted concrete and resin bound which account for a significant proportion of the market share now. However block paving really has stood the test of time and a lot of homeowners trust this method for that exact reason.

Block Paving Darlington

We have installed hundreds of block paving driveways in Darlington over the years and have always been perfectionists when it comes to customer care. This starts from the initial consultation with you, listening to all of your needs and requirements to ensure that block paving is a suitable option for you. A large portfolio of previous work can be viewed to give you inspiration if you are getting overwhelmed with the huge range of block paving that is now available.  We can then identify any potential complications before the installation starts such as access or drainage issues, this careful planning and attention to detail allows for a stress free job without any nasty surprises – first time, every time.

We will provide much more in depth information below, but to highlight a few major benefits of using block paving for your driveway… A huge range of styles and designs from contemporary to traditional there is a block paving style suitable for everyone, easy repairs, fully permeable, increased kerb appeal.

Why Choose a Block Paving Driveway?

Sometimes certain properties just suit block paving driveways. There are also quite a lot of homeowners in Darlington who prefer driveways that have been around for a while and have stood the test of time.

In fact there are only a few reasons as to why you would not choose a block paving driveway such as; not having the time to maintain the block paving or potentially to save money. Depending on what is involved with the installation sometimes block paving can be more expensive than some other options of paving.

Aerial Block Paving Darlington
Here are some great reasons to choose block paving:
  • No Standing Water
  • Unique Designs
  • No Cracks
  • Easy to Repair
  • Huge Lifespan
  • Traditional and Contemporary Styles

Regardless of which type of block paving you decide to choose you can rest assured that Bespoke will install your chosen design exactly as planned with great attention to detail. Our mindset is if a job is worth doing it is worth doing properly. Why not transform the front of your property like hundreds of our happy customers in Darlington and the surrounding areas?

Installing Block Paving in Darlington

Once decided on block paving the area must be fully excavated (dug out) and any old materials removed from the area this process involves breaking any old concrete or tarmac and removing all excess land using a mini digger to help save time.

The depth of the excavation is determined by the use of the area, the condition of the ground which varies from area to area and any restriction such as council paths and damp proof courses.

After the minimum depth has been calculated and dug out and sub-base must be compacted. We suggest Type 1 MOT with a minimum compacted depth of 100mm.

Install sand and cement mixture for the edging blocks to sit on. This helps to strengthen the overall driveway and make it more strong and rigid.

Look At This Block Paving in Darlington

A layer of sharp sand is then compacted over the top of the sub-base before laying the block paving on top of that.

Smaller sections of blocks must then be cut to fill in the gaps between the main driveway and the edging blocks.

Kiln dried sand must then be brushed into all of the joints and compacted once more.

During Block Paving Installation Darlington

Block Paving Driveway Maintenance

Block paving is a fantastic method with a huge range of options available. The only reason block paving is not as popular as it once was is due to the amount of maintenance required to keep the paving looking pristine.

It is not a difficult or technical procedure it simply requires;

  • Regular Weed Killer Applications
  • Annual Pressure Cleaning
  • Annual Re-Sanding/Jointing

For some people maintenance is not an issue as they either have more time to spend cleaning the paving, enjoy being outside doing ‘outdoor jobs’ or can afford to pay somebody else to maintain the area on behalf of them.

Our advice when it comes to block paving in Darlington is if you do not have the time to maintain it or the money to pay somebody else to regularly clean it then choose another lower maintenance option.

Charcoal Block Paving Darlington

Contact Your Local Block Paving Contractors in Darlington

Get in touch with our friendly team of expert block pavers in Darlington. Whether you are looking for a free no obligation quote for a new block paving project, are unsure about whether block paving is suitable for your needs and requirements or any other queries regarding block paving in Darlington or the surrounding areas.

We look forward to answering any queries using a wealth of knowledge from years worth of fitting experience and potentially even showing you some examples of our block paving work in Darlington.

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